Art Connects Neighbors in Roanoke, VA

As originally broadcast January 31, 2024, on Blue Ridge PBS …

Two years ago we embarked on ambitious project with the city of Roanoke, Virginia, and Roanoke Cultural Endowment to produce six episodes of BUZZ starring arts and culture. Over the first five episodes we featured the nonprofits that produce the annual Roanoke Arts Pop, and highlighted the intersection between the arts, health and wellness, public schools, even economic development.

Here in this final episode, we work with our friends at Roanoke Valley Television as we look beyond the usual arts suspects to the streets, parks, and even homes close to where we live … all as we explore that classic Mr. Rogers’ question that Roanoke artists will be asking throughout 2024: won’t you be my neighbor?

Funding for this episode comes from the Roanoke Cultural Endowment and the City of Roanoke through the American Rescue Plan Act. Watch Party is sponsored by the Roanoke Cultural Endowment.