“Literacy Volunteers of the New River Valley had an INCREDIBLE experience working with the Buzz4Good team! Michael was wonderful to work with and our filming went off without a hitch. The end product was beautiful and we couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you, Michael!” ~ Ginny Ayers, Literacy Volunteers of the New River Valley

“It is such a pleasure to work with Michael and Buzz4Good highlighting the work of so many important nonprofits. We’ve been so honored to be included in his work, and the nonprofits are so appreciative of his help! Thanks for all you do!” ~ Marty Robinette, Wheeler Digital

“It was an absolute blessing to work with Michael and Dan on our Buzz4Good episode! Their compassion partnered with their commitment to present an honest and true reflection of our organization made this experience one we will always remember! We were beyond humbled by the entire episode. And the ‘watch party'”‘… brought me to tears! It was an amazing evening!” ~ Dawn Sandoval, The Least of These

We sponsored an episode Buzz4Good on the Christiansburg Institute. This school stood as a beacon of Black educational excellence for over 100 years before it was shuttered after desegregation. It was a pleasure working with your team and we’re happy we were able to help! Thank you and Christiansburg Institute for the work you’re doing! ~ Woods Rogers Vandeventer Black Attorneys at Law

“Michael and Dan were great to work with as we gathered content for our Buzz4Good episode. We are pleased with the beautiful way our stories were presented – they made us smile and touched our hearts. Michael is passionate about nonprofits being an integral part of the fabric of our community and we are grateful for his work to bring greater awareness to our cause. ~ Emily Pinkerton, Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest Virginia

“The Grandin Theatre Foundation was able to leverage the special one-hour episode of Buzz4Good on the Grandin Theatre Film Lab for a private donation to support upgrading a great deal of our equipment and providing support for our crucial staff member. The piece was so effective and easily transferrable to a support situation which will help keep the program current and up to date. This support that we leveraged from BUZZ will help our students remain focused and on track, creating top notch high-quality pieces of art, as well as secure our Program Coordinator into the immediate and mid-range future. We are grateful for the work BUZZ did to help us with this important upgrade.” ~ Ian Fortier, Grandin Theatre Foundation

“I’ve worked with Buzz4Good on several episodes and every time they have been personable and easy to work with. They’re an amazing organization that produces fantastic work and strongly benefits the organizations they work with to create each episode. I’m extremely grateful they’re in our community!” ~ Noel Anderson, Anderson Music Therapy

“I was fortunate enough to be a part of one of the Buzz4Good episodes re: Healing Arts in the Roanoke Valley. It was a very moving piece and one that enlightened me to the many opportunities and impact of arts and culture. Michael and his staff did an amazing job!” ~ Dan Keeley, Carilion Clinic Healing Arts

“Michael and his team are awesome to work with. They are passionate about the work that they do to help nonprofit organizations. The end result of working with them is amazing and yes your nonprofit will get more “BUZZ.” I would like to thank them for all the hard work they put in to nonprofits.” ~ Debbie Sherman-Lee, Christiansburg Institute

“Michael is wonderful to work with. He genuinely cares about the community and the non-profits he serves!” ~ Caryl Allen, Giles County Department of Social Services

“Michael and the group are awesome to work with. They went above and beyond and we truly appreciate the hard work they put in. Thank you.” ~ John Naples, Children’s Assistive Technology Service

“Michael brings a valuable and compassionate perspective into the production of Buzz. It was a great experience working with him. Each episode reveals another amazing story from our area.” ~ Tyler Lyon, Grandin Theatre Film Lab

“Impressed by the community spirited support and collaboration by buzz4good.” ~ Catherine Fox, Eddy Alexander

“Working with Buzz4Good was such a worthwhile experience as a creative professional. I was able to help a nonprofit while bringing more attention to the value of the profession. Working with the team at Buzz, from planning to video to post-production, was seamless and incredibility professional. I can’t wait to work with Buzz again!” ~ Carrie Cousins, MBA

“Michael Hemphill with Buzz4good is doing a great service to our community and for the non-profits which are the community’s backbone. We at Blue Ridge PBS are excited to be a small part of the mission he has undertaken. Keep up the GREAT work Michael, your efforts have far reaching impacts and the area is thankful to you for that!!” ~ Richard Bennett, Blue Ridge PBS

“This has been one of the coolest projects I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on! As a marketing professional, leaning on Michael’s creative expertise and watching how he unfolds the story for countless non-profits was a learning experience of its own. By sharing his heart, his efforts and his time, light is being shown on these unbelievable organizations and what they do for our community.” ~ Theresa Passeretti, WorkStep

“Buzz4Good offers invaluable resources for small business marketers, non-profits, and the hardworking professionals who live in the world of both. Definitely worth your time and attention!” ~ Cameron May, Wheeler Digital

“As Executive Director of RAM House, buzz4good worked to pair us with Wheeler Digital to provide pro bono services in enhancing our marketing. The amount of publicity for our small non-profit was indeed the “buzz.” We were given an opportunity to share our non-profit story on Blue Ridge PBS. Buzz4good even set up a premier show at the Grandin Theatre. The experience was highly rewarding. The owner, Michael Hemphill, is indeed a creative mind. His service to the non-profits in our area is exemplary. I hope he gets the financial support he deserves to continue to improve the outreach of area non-profits.” ~ Melissa Woodson, RAM House

“This is absolutely a feel good show. I love what they are doing by helping non-profits with marketing they normally may not be able to receive. Awesome show and awesome production team. A++” ~ DeShea Witcher, Roava Digital

“Michael has a proven track record of caring about his community and the nonprofit organizations that are an integral part of the culture. He is taking the next step in providing an opportunity for nonprofits to improve the community’s awareness of their mission and services.” ~ James E. Pearman, Jr., Partners in Financial Planning

“This is a worthwhile organization who has already helped local non-profit organizations. I believe wholeheartedly in Michael’s approach and he’s also obviously an excellent communicator. Lean on him.” ~ Bruce C. Bryan, 5 Points Creative

“Buzz4good are encouraging and inspiring entrepreneurs !!!! Really help us a lot to get connected more with our community in different ways.” ~ Pedro Szalay, Southwest Virginia Ballet