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This BUZZ is personal 900 506 Michael Hemphill

This BUZZ is personal

As originally broadcast July 26, 2023, on Blue Ridge PBS …

Twenty years ago I was new to the nonprofit world working on my first project in my community of Shawsville, Virginia: revitalizing an abandoned nursing home into a community center. 

Our group of volunteers had little money and no experience, but one organization was willing to believe in us and award us our first grant: The Community Foundation of the New River Valley

What an honor it has been to produce our newest BUZZ featuring the Community Foundation’s work helping hundreds of nonprofits throughout Virginia’s New River Valley. Thank you 5Points Creative and Bruce C. Bryan for providing the buzz for the Foundation as it coordinated its 10 annual — and biggest ever — GiveLocalNRV!

About the episode:

Founded in 1994 with just $8, the Community Foundation of the New River Valley today claims more than 200 funds and $15 million in assets from which it awards each year $500,000+ in grants and scholarships. Hundreds of nonprofits — and thousands of individuals — have been helped by this vital organization.

One of the big events that it hosts each year for the region’s nonprofit community is Give Local NRV, which celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2023. Returning to BUZZ for its seventh episode, 5Points Creative gives a major marketing boost to the Community Foundation for this milestone occasion.

New BUZZ: YMCA of Virginia’s Blue Ridge 900 508 Michael Hemphill

New BUZZ: YMCA of Virginia’s Blue Ridge

As originally broadcast June 28, 2023, on Blue Ridge PBS …

The Y is known as a great place for a workout. From its wellness centers, pools and fitness classes, the nonprofit offers all ages and abilities the means to exercise the body.

But the body is just one side of a triangle that also features “mind” and “spirit.” At the YMCA of Virginia’s Blue Ridge, that means a focus on monthly luncheons for older adults, multicultural gardening experiences, free water safety classes for schoolchildren, and fun after school activities for kids seeking a safe space from gang and gun violence.

Helping fund these programs is the annual Keith Willis Society Reception, which gets a boost from BUZZ’ own video marketing.

This 33rd episode of BUZZ is sponsored by Freedom First Credit Union, where people bank for good.

New BUZZ stars — and helps rebrand — Literacy Volunteers 1024 576 Michael Hemphill

New BUZZ stars — and helps rebrand — Literacy Volunteers

Watch our 31st episode of BUZZ featuring Literacy Volunteers of the New River Valley that originally aired May 3, 2023, on Blue Ridge PBS …

For most people, the ability to read and write comes so naturally that we forget they are skills we had to learn as a child. But for immigrants who don’t know English, and native-born individuals who perhaps struggled in school, those letters on a page are literally a foreign language. From navigating our healthcare system and the DMV to simply wanting to read to a grandchild, a lack of literacy can be crippling.

Literacy Volunteers of the New River Valley provides tutoring and classes to teach adults how to read, write, do basic math, and use computers — which in turn provides people the power to lift themselves out of poverty, lower health care costs, find and keep sustainable employment, and ultimately change lives.

But the nonprofit’s brand is clunky — LVNRV — and suggests it serves volunteers rather than people who need help reading. Coming to the rescue once again on BUZZ are our rebranding magicians from Wordsprint.

We thank 100+ Women Who Care NRV for sponsoring the production of our episode!

Coming up on BUZZ: May-August 2023 schedule 900 675 Michael Hemphill

Coming up on BUZZ: May-August 2023 schedule

Tune in to Blue Ridge PBS on Wednesday 7:00 p.m. to watch BUZZ! New episodes air each month! Here’s the schedule of upcoming shows now through August.

A message from BUZZ creator Michael Hemphill 900 586 Michael Hemphill

A message from BUZZ creator Michael Hemphill

I’m always encouraging nonprofit leaders to be more fearless about proclaiming the good they do so that more donors and volunteers will be attracted to their cause.

“Your organization is doing incredible work,” I’ll say. “Tell everyone about it.”

I should be following my own advice! Because Wednesday is GIVE Roanoke Day and we could use a little $$$ buzz of our own.

Our work through the American Advertising Federation of Roanoke is funded 100% through charitable contributions and foundation grants.

We’re fortunate to have raised funding to produce upcoming episodes on YMCA of Virginia’s Blue Ridge, Art and Economic Development in Roanoke, Literacy Volunteers of the New River Valley, The Hokie Way, Alta Mons, Community Foundation of the New River Valley, and more!

For every new episode we produce each month, we try to host a Watch Party (usually at the Grandin Theatre) where the featured nonprofit can enjoy the experience of seeing their mission on the big screen with their donors, volunteers, friends and fans. 

Each Watch Party costs about $500, so on Wednesday we’re seeking to raise $4,000 to fund the rest of our 2023 Watch Parties.

If you appreciate our work, please consider a gift on GIVE Roanoke. Every donor will be credited onscreen for all 2023 Watch Parties. Thank you!