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BUZZ Season 3 premier features Grandin Theatre Film Lab 900 504 Michael Hemphill

BUZZ Season 3 premier features Grandin Theatre Film Lab

As originally broadcast August 10, 2022, on Blue Ridge PBS …

Since 2016, Grandin Theatre’s Film Lab has provided an after-school program for high school students eager to learn how to make movies.

But dozens of films later — some of which have received EMMY awards and been screened in festivals around the world — and the Film Lab remains somewhat unknown despite the fact it’s earned its own red-carpet treatment.

Using Film Lab’s own tools and talents, BUZZ seeks to shine a spotlight on this amazing program with a special hour-long episode that launches of our third season on Blue Ridge PBS.

BUZZ Watch Party for Roanoke’s Healing Arts 900 506 Michael Hemphill

BUZZ Watch Party for Roanoke’s Healing Arts

All are invited to our free Watch Party at the Grandin Theatre on Wednesday, July 27, 6:30 pm, previewing our newest BUZZ on Roanoke’s Healing Arts.

Watch Party on July 27


Throughout his life, Dr. Robert L.A. Keeley was not only known for his medical talents in the Roanoke Valley, but his musical gifts as well. So much so that upon his death, Carilion Clinic in collaboration with the Keeley family founded a Healing Arts program. Today, Carilion Clinic offers a variety of “healing arts” resources such as artists-in-residence who provide therapeutic treatments to patients and staff.

Other nonprofits are also working in this space. Roanoke Symphony has partnered with Anderson Music Therapy on regular programs for memory-loss nursing home residents. Taubman Museum of Art hosts “healing ceiling tiles” in which community members turn ceiling tiles into artwork that’s hung in Carilion Clinic patient rooms. And 5 Points Music Sanctuary provides help for everyone from children with autism to adults suffering from depression.

This episode is the third of a 6-part series of BUZZ focusing on Roanoke’s arts and cultural nonprofits, produced in collaboration with the Roanoke Cultural Endowment, City of Roanoke, and Carilion Clinic.

Episode 21 features Brain Injury Services of Southwest Virginia 900 507 Michael Hemphill

Episode 21 features Brain Injury Services of Southwest Virginia

As originally broadcast June 29, 2022, on Blue Ridge PBS …

In 1997, 10-year-old Jason Rooker accidentally hung himself while playing in his front yard. The brain injury he suffered would eventually take his life … and inspire his parents to found a nonprofit to help other New River Valley families struggling with such tragedies: Brain Injury Services of Southwest Virginia.

But over the years BISSWVA has grown beyond the NRV to provide resources to 11,000 square miles of Virginia, from Martinsville and Lynchburg to Alleghany and Lee County. And the unwieldiness of the name can be a mouthful to say and difficult for clients to remember.

In this episode, we feature the emotional stories of individuals and families whose lives have been challenged by brain injury.

And we are thrilled to welcome back to BUZZ marketing specialist Wordsprint, which helped rebrand Mill Mountain Zoo and Eastmont Community Foundation in previous episodes.

We thank these individuals and businesses for providing the sponsorship support for this episode:

Watch Party June 8 for GIVE Roanoke episode of BUZZ 900 506 Michael Hemphill

Watch Party June 8 for GIVE Roanoke episode of BUZZ

Watch Party on July 27


As originally broadcast May 18, 2022, on Blue Ridge PBS …

Free HIV testing, delivering food and comfort to Covid-positive homeless individuals, coordinating the statewide 211 Virginia call center, founding Total Action for Progress, RADAR, and the Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia — these are just a few of the programs that the Council of Community Services has provided over the last 60 years. 

In April 2022, CCS embarked on its newest venture by hosting “GIVE Roanoke,” a day of philanthropic giving for more than 100 nonprofits throughout the Roanoke Valley. BUZZ invited Freedom First and Lamar Advertising to provide some needed, well, buzz for the 24-hour online event, which ended up raising more than $300,000. 

BUZZ and CCS invites the community to attend our free Watch Party on June 8 at 6 pm at the Grandin Theatre where GIVE Roanoke prizes will be awarded.

BUZZ Episode 19 features Tudor House & Virginia Children’s Theatre 900 567 Michael Hemphill

BUZZ Episode 19 features Tudor House & Virginia Children’s Theatre

“It was the most pain you can imagine.”

Virginia Children’s Theatre is famous for its family-friendly, crowd-pleasing productions along the lines of “Peter Pan” and “Wizard of Oz.”

But once each year, the theatre devotes itself to weightier, painful topics affecting adolescents through its program VCT4Teens.

In 2021 and 2022, VCT has done so in partnership with Tudor House, a nonprofit founded amid the most painful experience imaginable.

Helping Tudor House share its story — and resources — is AAF Roanoke member Nero Digital Design Studio.