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BUZZ Episode 29: How Storytelling via Videos Can Create Awareness for Your Nonprofit 900 506 Michael Hemphill

BUZZ Episode 29: How Storytelling via Videos Can Create Awareness for Your Nonprofit

As originally broadcast on February 22, 2023, on Blue Ridge PBS …

Today’s BUZZ uses the power of video to not only feature eight different nonprofits, but also amazing video producers who generously donate their time and talent to help nonprofits achieve more buzz. Get in contact with video producers in your area to help your nonprofit generate more awareness in your communities!

Talent like:

  • Photographer Ryan Hunt, who regularly shoots the biggest names in music and sports, and most recently helped share the mission of the nonprofit Compress & Shock Foundation.
  • Or Jamie Nabers, owner of BOSS Motion Pictures, who lent his talents to help the United Way of the Roanoke Valley spread the word about the importance of Covid vaccinations.
  • Or Bruce C. Bryan, owner of 5Points Creative, who provided marketing buzz for the Virginia Institute of Autism and, working with BUZZ cinematographer Dan Mirolli, for Local Environmental and Agricultural Project, aka LEAP.
  • And Click & Pledge Foundation’s Bethany Teague, who created compelling videos starring Blacksburg Rescue Squad, Renaissance Music Academy, Rescue Mission of Roanoke, and Salem Education Foundation.
New Episode on “Inside the Hive” podcast 1024 640 Michael Hemphill

New Episode on “Inside the Hive” podcast

In our Covid-quarantined world, are we screen-fatigued or is video still king in nonprofit marketing? How do you create a TV show with all the social distancing and masking guidelines? What is the biggest marketing need that nonprofits have? And how can a college student who is interested in marketing and design help? 

Both on this podcast and BUZZ the TV show, BUZZ creator and host Michael Hemphill is used to being the one asking the questions. But Michael recently had the camera and microphone turned on him by Rachel Pattern Nunn, a first year Master’s of Fine Arts student in Virginia Tech’s Arts Leadership Program. Rachel’s research centers on the efficacy of visual storytelling for nonprofit marketing … especially at a time when the public is both overwhelmed by and hungry for digital content.