Bundles of Hope Diaper Bank

As originally broadcast on January 5, 2024, on Alabama Public Television …

Food, shelter … diapers? For low-income moms struggling to get by, diapers are a vital, and expensive, necessity that aren’t covered by government assistance. Too many caregivers in Alabama – including grandmothers – have to make the hard choice between diapers and utilities, clothing, even medicine.

In the final part of BUZZ creator Michael Hemphill’s 4-part series in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, he meets Bundles of Hope Diaper Bank, which each month distributes more than 150,000 free diapers and other essential products to 3,300 low-income families in Central Alabama. Martin Advertising / Martin Retail Group steps up to provide Bundles with a lot of marketing help — and hope.

This episode is sponsored in part by the Mike & Gillian Goodrich Foundation.