Children of Slain Police Officers (COSPO)

As originally broadcast December 15, 2023, on Alabama Public Television and December 27, 2023, on Blue Ridge PBS …

BUZZ creator Michael Hemphill returns to his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama to feature the nonprofit Children of Slain Police Officers, aka COSPO, which provides college scholarships to children whose parents were killed in the line of duty while serving in the Birmingham Police Department. In 2023, COSPO funded $100,000 in college expenses for students whose fathers died, one as long ago as 2004.

New to BUZZ is marketing pro Swell Fundraising, which helps COSPO reimagine its name and brand to better serve officers’ families for years to come.

This episode – the first in our 4-part series featuring nonprofits in Birmingham, Alabama – is sponsored in part by the Mike & Gillian Goodrich Foundation.