Healing Arts

As originally broadcast July 27, 2022, on Blue Ridge PBS …

Throughout his life, Dr. Robert L.A. Keeley was not only known for his medical talents in the Roanoke Valley, but his musical gifts as well. So much so that upon his death, Carilion Clinic in collaboration with the Keeley family founded a Healing Arts program. Today, Carilion Clinic offers a variety of “healing arts” resources such as artists-in-residence who provide therapeutic treatments to patients and staff.

Other nonprofits are also working in this space. Roanoke Symphony has partnered with Anderson Music Therapy on regular programs for memory-loss nursing home residents. Taubman Museum of Art hosts “healing ceiling tiles” in which community members turn ceiling tiles into artwork that’s hung in Carilion Clinic patient rooms. And 5 Points Music Sanctuary provides help for everyone from children with autism to adults suffering from depression.

This episode is the third of a 6-part series of BUZZ focusing on Roanoke’s arts and cultural nonprofits, produced in collaboration with the Roanoke Cultural Endowment, City of Roanoke, and Carilion Clinic.