Wordsprint Rebranding – Eastmont Community Foundation & Mill Mountain Zoo

As originally broadcast on June 16, 2021, on Blue Ridge PBS …

In 2020 BUZZ featured two nonprofits in dire need of a marketing makeover: Mill Mountain Zoo (Episode 3) and Mountain Valley Charitable Foundation (Episode 7).

In this episode, you’ll learn from two previous episodes how to two nonprofits went about changing their branding to create a new image for their brands.

Mill Mountain Zoo in Roanoke, Va., wondered if the word “zoo” had too negative a stereotype … nor best captured its mission and vision. Meanwhile in Montgomery County, Va, Mountain Valley Charitable Foundation wondered if its name accurately described the community it served … after all there are lots of mountains and valleys.

Thankfully, marketing specialist Wordsprint was willing to provide pro bono rebranding for both organizations. In Episode 12, we revisit these nonprofits to see how they’ve incorporated Wordsprint’s marketing makeovers to help them achieve more … buzz!