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Election 2020 Message from BUZZ4Good 1024 576 Michael Hemphill

Election 2020 Message from BUZZ4Good

“It’s cliche by now to call 2020 unprecedented … but the year has certainly offered a litany of struggles. At the same time, I look back and see that this year has also brought about BUZZ, my TV show that highlights the great work nonprofits do in our community … and the marketing pros who help them do more and better.

“Now here in 2020 we are coming up on Election Day. So much energy and resources have been poured into making sure people cast their vote by Nov. 3. And while that’s certainly important, there’s so much more that needs to be done in our country … hard work for which November 3 is just the beginning. It’s like thinking that the effort to make a good and long-lasting marriage ends on your wedding day.

“No, regardless of who wins this year’s election, there is substantial work that needs to be done by all of us to really make America great. I’ve said it frequently on BUZZ4Good’s TV show, podcast and social media, our political and governmental institutions seem to be failing, but our nonprofit organizations have increasingly stepped up to address the real issues in our communities: homelessness, racial injustice, the environment, health and income disparities, art and culture.

“As dark as this year has been, I’m asking this of everyone tuning in here … all the passion and energy and money that you’ve expended on our current politics … that after Election Day you devote the same amount and more to our country’s people through our nonprofit organizations. Together let’s all aspire to be a buzz4good in our communities.”

Take advantage of Free, Effective Google My Business Reviews 489 241 Michael Hemphill

Take advantage of Free, Effective Google My Business Reviews

One of the most cost-effective — and effective — marketing tools is your nonprofit’s FREE Google My Business profile. BUZZ creator Michael Hemphill recently invited colleagues to post a review on Buzz4Good’s Google My Business profile and was overwhelmed by, well, all the buzz! (If you’re inspired to do the same, just google “buzz4good” and in the Reviews section click some stars — preferably 5 of them — and write a sentence or two.)

Go here to get started on your nonprofit’s Google My Business profile.

New Episode on “Inside the Hive” podcast 1024 640 Michael Hemphill

New Episode on “Inside the Hive” podcast

In our Covid-quarantined world, are we screen-fatigued or is video still king in nonprofit marketing? How do you create a TV show with all the social distancing and masking guidelines? What is the biggest marketing need that nonprofits have? And how can a college student who is interested in marketing and design help? 

Both on this podcast and BUZZ the TV show, BUZZ creator and host Michael Hemphill is used to being the one asking the questions. But Michael recently had the camera and microphone turned on him by Rachel Pattern Nunn, a first year Master’s of Fine Arts student in Virginia Tech’s Arts Leadership Program. Rachel’s research centers on the efficacy of visual storytelling for nonprofit marketing … especially at a time when the public is both overwhelmed by and hungry for digital content.

Are you ready for more BUZZ? 1024 576 Michael Hemphill

Are you ready for more BUZZ?

We are buzzing with excitement to start production on new episodes of BUZZ, which will air December 2, 9 and 16 on Blue Ridge PBS!

December 2

Mountain Valley Charitable Foundation has made eastern Montgomery County, Virginia, the “community that could.” Over the last 15 years MVCF has redeveloped an abandoned nursing home into a wellness center, community center, museum and library; transformed an old fire station into a food pantry and thrift shop; created Old Town Fields concert venue out of a former high school football field; and founded the Eastmont Tomato Festival. Guiding the nonprofit with a pro bono rebranding are our friends from Wordsprint, who helped Mill Mountain Zoo in Episode 3

December 9

Opera Roanoke’s theme for its upcoming season is “Find Your Voice.” BUZZ will help Opera Roanoke find its voice — visually at least — by featuring the nonprofit in a future episode while at the same time filming the company’s performance of Gustav Mahler’s “Das Lied von der Erde” (The Song of the Earth), which Opera Roanoke will premiere online Dec.13 to officially kickoff its 2020-21 season.

December 16

In August, BUZZ featured Southwest Virginia Ballet, Mill Mountain Zoo and RAM House among its original episodes. In this new episode we’ll look back to see how the nonprofits have incorporated their new marketing tools donated by Carrie Cousins, Wordsprint and Wheeler Digital … and discover some exciting new partnerships they developed by being on BUZZ!

Episode 4 of BUZZ 1024 576 Michael Hemphill

Episode 4 of BUZZ

Now playing on Blue Ridge PBS and our YouTube channel: Episode 4 of BUZZ 🐝 featuring RAM House (Roanoke Area Ministries) a donated marketing campaign from the talented folks at Wheeler Digital, with additional support by Roanoke Catholic School and Press Press March. Major funding for this episode was provided by Partners in Financial Planning.

Like all nonprofits, RAM House has been impacted by COVID-19 as it struggles to meet the growing needs of our community’s homeless population. While an older cadre of supporters helps the nonprofit provide food, clothing, a day shelter, and financial assistance for more than 100 people a day, Wheeler Digital donates its expertise to help RAM recruit younger volunteers and donors to sustain the organization’s work for years to come.