A message from BUZZ creator Michael Hemphill

A message from BUZZ creator Michael Hemphill

A message from BUZZ creator Michael Hemphill 900 586 Michael Hemphill

I’m always encouraging nonprofit leaders to be more fearless about proclaiming the good they do so that more donors and volunteers will be attracted to their cause.

“Your organization is doing incredible work,” I’ll say. “Tell everyone about it.”

I should be following my own advice! Because Wednesday is GIVE Roanoke Day and we could use a little $$$ buzz of our own.

Our work through the American Advertising Federation of Roanoke is funded 100% through charitable contributions and foundation grants.

We’re fortunate to have raised funding to produce upcoming episodes on YMCA of Virginia’s Blue Ridge, Art and Economic Development in Roanoke, Literacy Volunteers of the New River Valley, The Hokie Way, Alta Mons, Community Foundation of the New River Valley, and more!

For every new episode we produce each month, we try to host a Watch Party (usually at the Grandin Theatre) where the featured nonprofit can enjoy the experience of seeing their mission on the big screen with their donors, volunteers, friends and fans. 

Each Watch Party costs about $500, so on Wednesday we’re seeking to raise $4,000 to fund the rest of our 2023 Watch Parties.

If you appreciate our work, please consider a gift on GIVE Roanoke. Every donor will be credited onscreen for all 2023 Watch Parties. Thank you!

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