BUZZ creator Michael Hemphill featured in Valley Business FRONT

BUZZ creator Michael Hemphill featured in Valley Business FRONT

BUZZ creator Michael Hemphill featured in Valley Business FRONT 532 900 Michael Hemphill

Two weeks ago, Tom Field, publisher of Valley Business FRONT, called to say he wanted to put me on the cover of the December issue. I was of course honored, but also prepared when the issue finally arrived.

What truly surprised and touched me were Tom’s words inside.

Hemphill started his marketing and development support business for nonprofits right when COVID-19 hit … he’s our FRONTList leader because of the creative and noble strategies he culled to produce one of the best entrepreneurial pursuits we’ve covered.

At the very time many would think there is no way to capitalize on community service organizations (who are always challenged and were often already struggling), Hemphill completely re-crafted an idea from Roanoke’s AAF advertising club (Createathon) where collaboration is used to develop publicity and awareness and fundraising to bolster and completely upgrade select nonprofits.

Specifically, his Buzz television show (on Blue Ridge PBS; third season), documentary, podcast, and other communications (from his journalism experience) serve as the main production to accomplish the upgrades and move organizations a big step up. The majority of funding comes from sponsors and intense, hard-earned connections.

It’s public service, indeed; but it’s also a business, no question. Well-deserved of our spotlight.

Valley Business FRONT – December 2022

None of this would have been possible without you and the many partners we’re fortunate to have in our Hive:

  • AAF Roanoke’s incredible marketing pros;
  • Our production partner: Dan Mirolli Photography;
  • Our broadcast partners Blue Ridge PBS and WFIR;
  • Countless sponsors and donors who believe in our cause;
  • And of course the nonprofits we’re privileged to feature in each episode of our TV and radio show.

So in this season of thankfulness, I thank you all – and Valley Business FRONT – for supporting our mission!

Michael Hemphill
Creator & Host

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